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Welcome to our casino guide portal. A place where you will find many interesting articles that will assist you to get started playing casino and becoming a better casino player. The purpose of this site and its content is to show you how to play casino online instead of having to go a land based casino. Further, we will showcase articles where you can get that extra edge when playing slots online and improve your overall skills. You will also find professional reviews of casinos, so you can decide which casino or casinos you want to sign up for to start playing.

Before you start playing at an online casino, it is imperative that you find a reliable casino that focuses on honest and safe gaming. Nowadays most of the casinos are safe and have the highest security, but that doesn’t mean you should play on every casino out there. By signing up at any of the casinos that we recommend on, you will be assured that you can play without worrying.

Big Variety

In our attempt to review many online casinos we will also take a look at games too, or as they are also called slots or video slots. There are a variety of slots out there, and new game machines are released every week. Big game providers like Microgaming and NetEnt are the ones that are holding the fort at the moment, but there are quite a few upcoming newcomers to keep an eye on. One of them is Yggdrasil.

Yggdrasil Gaming is a fast-growing gaming development company (B2B) headquartered in Malta. Yggdrasil has agreements with more than 30 customers, of which some of the largest operators in the world. Yggdrasil has also won several prestigious prizes for its innovative games, which is a recognition of the company’s market-leading portfolio of video slots. Yggdrasil took home the “Software Rising Star” award at EGR B2B Awards 2015 and won the prestigious award “iGaming Software Supplier of the Year” in early 2016, and in June 2016, the company was nominated by EGR B2B Awards in London for this year’s “Slot Provider Of the year.”

We will continue to seek for more upcoming stars like Yggdrasil and also offer reviews on another subject besides casino games and slots sites. If you want to play a Yggdrasil slot, our recommendation is Betsson Casino.

Betsson Casino is a well-known name in the casino industry, and this Swedish company started already in 2001. They have won several awards for their popular casino. In addition to pure sports bets, Betsson has a wide range of casino games, such as slots, poker, scratch cards and bingo.

At Betsson, you can get a welcome bonus of 200% up to £100 on the first deposit, plus 50 free spins on the Hall of Gods slot which has three progressive jackpots. It is possible to earn £200 in bonus money to play for free. Betsson Casino also has recurring promotions and bonuses for already registered players that are worth checking out by visiting the page on a regular basis.

You can trust that we always provide information about the latest casinos and games on the market. Notice as the casino industry is one of the fast moving niches out there sometimes we can’t keep up with the all the noise, but our goal is to cover the most important and exciting news with you. That being said we really recommend you to visit out sites regularly, bookmark it if you like, so you don’t miss out on any new cool stuff happening.

Why we emphasize casino games online is the simple reason that it has so many more advantages versus playing at a land based casino. First, you can play right away without of waiting to be seated or pay any fees. When playing online, you can be sure that a welcome bonus is waiting for you. Gambling companies usually offer a welcome package as to attract you to the slot site. Similar in real life where land based casinos use a different kind of hostess to promote and lure you into the casino. Second, the freedom to pick your favorite game and switch whenever you feel like, it’s flexibility you can’t get at a land based casino. As we are more or less connected 24/7 it doesn’t really matter where you are, you can play your favorite games on-the-go.

How do I get started as a casino beginner?

The reason that online casino has become so popular is actually that it’s so easy to get started playing. All you have to do is sign up, deposit a small sum of money, and then choose the game you are interested in. If you are not sure which games you should pick, casinos often have a sort-function after the most popular games at that given moment.

There are clear instructions for all the games, and lots of casino pages are in English (if not all of them) so you can easily understand everything that is written. The first thing you should do is therefore to find the reliable UK or international-known casinos, which is easiest by reading reviews and tips online.

If you find an online casino that many other players seem to like, the then chances are that it meets your requirements. If you are a new player at a casino, you can also enjoy a lot of welcome bonuses that give you the opportunity to play extra entirely for free in addition to the money you deposit.

What are the chances of winning at the casino?

If you are new to the casino world, you will surely also be amazed at how huge big winnings there are chances to win. Although casino games mostly depend on luck and not as much on skill, there are tactics you can use to increase your winning chances.

The best part is to try a strategy for your gambling and stick to it. There is a lot of articles online where they are recommending different strategies where you can learn and incorporate into your own betting strategy, but this should only be a guide and not a 100% bulletproof approach.

Some players like to bet big sums and play fewer rounds, as they have the chance of the enormous winnings, while others prefer to play a lot with lower bets to have more winning chances, even though the winnings may not be as big. No matter what you choose, do not miss out on casino bonuses because they give you a lot more money to play for free!

Table Games

Table games are what started the casino business, and at the beginning most casinos there were only classic table games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and craps. Many of these games because they are quick to play, available in many different variants and can give incredible benefits to those who are lucky.

Common to table games, and the vast majority of other casino games, are that they are based for the most part on luck. Some of them may affect the outcome to some extent, but winning a casino requires a lot of luck, and it is also a reason why casino games have become so popular. Everyone hopes that the luck will be on our side so that we can win that big win!

Below we will shortly present the most common table games so that so that you can learn how they work to self-test at any of our recommended casinos. We, therefore, begin with a brief introduction to the games:

Blackjack: This is a card game based on the value of the cards as close to 21 as possible. If you get exactly 21, it’s called blackjack, and it’s the best possible hand. One player against the dealer but also other players may be in the game. The game starts with two cards, but you can then ask for more from the dealer.

Roulette: Roulette is played by spinning a bullet in a roulette wheel, and when the wheel stops, the ball gets into one of the numbered trays on the wheel. The compartments are either black or red and are numbered from 0-36. The game itself is fast, but a big part is a bet before the wheel spins where you can bet on numbers, colors, even or uneven numbers and much more.

Baccarat: Baccarat is also called Punto Banco and is a card game where it comes to reaching the sum nine on hand. You play with two or three cards, and you can bet that the player or the bank wins or it will be a draw.

Craps: This is a dice game that is really fast and exciting, and just like in Roulette, a big part of the game itself is the bet that takes place just before the dice are thrown. One bet that the player who throws the dice during the game will win or lose.