how live casino works

How Live Casino Works

In 1638, the world got its first land casino – the Casino di Venezia. Fast-forward 300 years later, we now see casinos moving online. Though online gambling is relatively new, it has seen massive adoption within a short period. It is different from playing casino games in video game format. You can now play your favourite games online with real dealers, real wheels, and real cards through live casinos.

Live Casino Technology: How It Works

The new technology isn’t as sophisticated as you might think. Live casino technology relies heavily on filming, streaming, and a reliable internet connection. High-quality video cameras are a central piece of equipment for the live casino experience. Live casino technology features a studio where dealers of blackjack, pokers, and roulette are filmed. The studio is designed to look like a real-life casino floor. But in this case, players connect with dealers over a live stream.

Does Live Gambling Offer The Best Gaming Experience?

Ever played live roulette? You get the same thrilling experience as you would in a land casino. The live roulette games utilize sensors in the roulette wheel that monitor the final stop of the ball. This information is sent to a server, and the player enjoys 100% accuracy and payouts in real-time. Having real dealers handle the games saves the players from manipulations that could occur in video games.

Live Casino – Yay Or Nay?

Live gambling is catching up fast, and there’s no telling if land casinos would still hold their ground as the go-to places for the best gambling experiences. But, a lot of details have been taken into consideration by live casino platforms and regulatory bodies. For example, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is embedded into the live stream to know the type of cards you’ve been dealt instantly. With live casinos, you get several authentication measures to protect your earnings from hackers.